6, August 2003: Okay...I did a lot of work and think I got this page up to date. It really serves as more of an archive than a site-map, but there are some pieces here that aren't accessible from my homepage. (FFS) means that the page is a "Free-floating site", so there are no back links; you'll have to use the BACK button on your browser.
Hylo Bates'
Homepage II
The second installment of the Hylo Bates' Homepage.
The center of this site.
The BrachiatorMy Spoof Newspaper. (FFS)
Art PageOriginal Artwork by Hylo Bates. (FFS)
Several different mediums and styles.
My BlogMore ranting and rambling.
Rants index.Opinions about all sorts of issues.
Letters to the Editor. Rants that have actually been published.
Short Stories Index.Various topics, various lengths. (FFS)
Short, Short StoriesA few 100-word stories, and some others.
Suicide, the other sideSatirical rebuttle to an anti-suicide song I heard.
My VasectomyA personal account.
Marijuana Legalization PageHistory of marijuna prohibition and a
breakdown of common myths about marijuana.
Links PageLinks to some sites I like.
Poetry PageThree poems. Not obtuse, not esoteric, not long.
Cheesy Poetry PageSome typically-angst-filled poetry.
Prague PoemA poem I wrote after my first month
of living in Prague. (FFS)
Cultural Myths from the USA lesson in pop-culture from the US
AdvertisementsSome television spots I'd like to see.
SandcastlesPhotos of some nice sandcastles
done by a friend of mine. (FFS)
Gibbons PageA little bit of info gibbons.
Why I Won't Have KidsA quick-answer sheet for those with questions.
"...When the World
Stopped Learning
Spoof of that horrible Alan Jackson song.
"Have you Forgotten?"Another Country Song
How well I know HyloJust a little quiz about me.
Fratboy feedbackMy reply to emails I got in response
to the now-defunct anti-frat page.
Overpopulation LinksThe single greatest problem
facing people and our world.
Responsible ParentingBreeding should be a privledge,
not a right. See also rant #8
A man named BushA funny song about the court-appointed prez.
Chain Letter FunA satire of your typical email chain letter.
Motivational SpeakerAnother spoof writing
Pagan PrayerA Pagan version of the "Lord's Prayer".
Holiday LetterSpoof of the traditional holiday newsletter.
Email Hoax FunAnother satire, this time of the typical email hoax.
Primate TotemsSee which one you are.
JokesSo far just one.
Classes for MenMore random humor.
Y2K StatementOutdated now, but it's funny...maybe
The PollsSound off on a variety of subjects from 1999-2000

All pieces origional
works by Hylo Bates,
unless otherwise noted.

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