Letter to Oral Roberts University

I am writing to confirm my speaking engagement at your school on the date of Monday, September 7th. Due to a tragic accident, I recently lost my main receptionist along with a large portion of my records. Subsequently, my part-time receptionist--whoís graciously been working extra hours--, my assistant, and I have been frantically rescheduling/reconfirming all my engagements for the coming year.

For any repetition of information--Iím sure your institution has already received some, if not all, of this information, but I donít know what or when--I apologize in advance. My name is Roger Snieder, and I am a motivational speaker. I tour the country during the fall, winter, and spring giving talks at colleges and universities on various topics. As a former semi-professional volleyball player, a recovering PCP addict, a longtime dog-breeder and bee-keeper, and a born-again Christian, I draw from wealth of resources and experiences for my presentations. I also possess Bachelorís degrees in Finance and Literature, and--as I like to say--a Masterís in Life.

One of my presentations generally lasts about an hour, followed by a period during which I field questions from the audience if the institution wishes. I speak with an informal style that encourages audience interest and participation, usually leaving the stage, podium, or pulpit to walk among the students as I talk. Anecdotes from my colorful past interspersed with motivational messages and prayer make for an entertaining, yet meaningful, experience for the audience. Please detach the bottom portion of this form and mark the topic(s) your school would like for me to stress and enclose it with your confirmation. I thank you in advance for your time, apologize for any inconvenience, and wish you a blessed year.

Responsible DrinkingGood Study Habits
Safe sex/AbstinenceSubstance Abuse Recovery
Sports EthicsChrist and College
Animal HusbandryRespecting Authority
Managing Finances Away From HomeIntergender Friendship

If there are any other topics your institution feels are important, please feel free to add them in the space provided, or contact me personally.

Respectfully yours,

Roger Snieder
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