Updated 27 Nov, 2006
Much of this site is anywhere from 3 to 8 years old. Some of the more recent, and/or more popular bits are in the "Highlights" section. The older stuff is on the bottom half of the page.
The Brachiator: (FFS)
My Spoof "Newspaper". Updated 19 Mar 2006
Artwork. (FFS)
Updated 24 Aug, 2007.
A thumbnails page is now available, too.
Short Stories and Fables. (FFS)
Updated 1 Sept. 2004
Some ultra-short stories
Usually only 100 words. Updated 11 Aug 2004
Prague Poem. (FFS)
Poetry and Cheesy poetry
Exactly what it sounds like.
My Rants:
Politics and various social issues.
Two new ones added April, 2005
Letters to the Editor
Rants that have actually been published.
Spoofs of "patriotic" Country Songs
1) ...When the World Stopped Learning.
2) Have you Forgotten?
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Feel free to pass along my humor, rants, artwork or poetry, but please give me credit! Thanks.

My Vasectomy.
The "Why I won't
have kids" cheatsheet.

Don't leave home without it!
Commercials I'd like to make.
See Hylo interveiwed on
an online talk show.
Gibbon pictures.
Overpopulation and
Responsible Parenting
Marijuana, a brief
history of lies and myths
Fratboy Feedback
Lord's Prayer, Pagan style.
Humor Pieces
Cultural Myths of the USA.
political cartoon.
The How Well I Know Hylo Quiz.
Hopefully moderately-amusing.
Story 'bout a boy named George
A poem about my crappy job.
Holiday newsletter spoof.
Suicide. Something to think about.
Primate Totems. Which one are you?
Classes for men. Self improvement.
A religious joke.
Email virus hoax of my own.
Motivational speaker Spoof
Chain Letter satire piece.

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