The following rants are the opinions of Hylo Bates, me. They might offend you, or they might make you laugh. Hopefully, they will make you think. If you want, you can give me a little feedback at my email address (found on the Homepage). I already know I can't spell. Enjoy.
(Note: I went back and assigned an estimated date for many of these rants, since many of them are out of date, now. July 2003)
Random Rants
One and TwoImpeach Clinton...fine. But what about Reagan?
Three The Iowa Septuplets. The work of God?!?
Four Gay rights. Also known as Civil Rights.
Five "What do YOU do?"
SixZoo life. Come see the animals...on BOTH sides of the glass.
SevenThe U.S. of N.R.A. Everybody feel safe yet?
Updated: July 4, 2002
EightChildFREE. And I'M selfish?
NineThe Cuban Boy Uproar: American Hypocrisy at it's worst
TenWashington-Hollywood showdown on media's influence.
ElevenElectoral College Myth and the 2000 US election.
TwelveRobert Downey Jr and drug law reform.
ThirteenPersonal Experiences with Breeders.
FourteenForget Andrea Yates, Fry Her Husband!
FifteenBiker Bates goes to Christianity Class.
SixteenPoliticians Say: Let Mothers Die.

America in Crisis. Lessons Learned Since the Attacks
Chapter One:The importance of having an intelligent, literate leader
Chapter Two:The Propaganda Machine of the USA.
Chapters Three through Five:Patriotism, freedom, and the Pledge of Allegiance.
Chapter SixThe myth of the liberal media.
Chapter SevenFrom my blog: Anniversary of September 11th
(The entry is entitled "Death Statistics")
Chapter EightFrom my blog: Predictions after 2004 Election.

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