America in Crisis: Lessons Learned Since The Attacks

Chapter 1: The Importance of Having an Intelligent, Literate Leader

During the presidential campaign, it was almost amusing to watch George W. struggle with the English language, almost as if it were not his mother tongue. I once read a column where the author said that W.’s lips were where the English language went to die.

It wasn’t so funny once the bumbling buffoon was appointed our president. But it became downright dangerous after the terrorist attacks, when, in a televised speech, the Dunce in Chief announced that we were waging “a crusade” against the enemy. I was watching it live, and immediately realized his horrible mistake; a worse word could not have been used in that situation. For those of you not familiar with World History, the word “Crusade”—especially when used by the leader of a Christian nation—for a Moslem is the equivalent of the word “Nigger” to black people. It would be like Bush saying “Yeah…I have a Final Solution for the Jewish Problem”.

It was bad enough when the “Leader of the Free World” was blithering ridiculous colloquialisms like, “we’re going to smoke the rattlesnake out of his hole” and garbage like that. But now he was all but declaring war on the Moslem world as a whole (no, that’s not what he MEANT, but that’s how it was perceived). And the worst thing about the entire incident was the man NEVER EVEN KNEW what he’d done. I watched the speech, and while the other people in the room and I groaned and looked around in disbelief, the bumbling idiot went right on without the faintest idea of the maelstrom he’d just unleashed. It was left to Colin Powell and other at-least-semi-literate members of the Bush Regime to dive headlong into “damage control”, and Powell spent the next twenty-four hours appearing on Arab and Moslem news networks trying to mend the damage. The intelligent, incredibly-competent Powell had to have been scratching his head and saying “How in the world did this moron ever become president of anything?”

Now, for anyone out there reading this and saying “so what if he insulted the Moslems…they had just bombed us and killed thousands of Americans”. WRONG. A FEW Moslems had attacked us, but there were millions of other ones around the world ready to offer condolences and support to us. For the handful of Palestinians that CNN showed dancing in the streets in glee, there were many more morning the tragedy. But Bush’s statement said to ALL Moslems in the Middle East: “whether you had anything to do with the attack or not, we are declaring you the enemy, and we are coming to kill you and take your land”. And once again, worse than the fact that the Dunce in Chief was saying this, was the fact that he didn’t even KNOW it.

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