Letters to the Editor

I bitch a lot, if you haven't noticed. In real life, I bitch even more than I do on this website. Sometimes I write down a bitch (as you can see in the rants section. And every now and then, I'm able to edit that rant down into a short, concise little piece that I send in to the local paper (the limit they set for length is 250 words, which is not very many). Here are some of the ten or so letters I've had published in the past several years.

Governor Honors RapperNelly thanked while other politicians whine.
The Yates MurdersWoman drowns kids...who's to blame?
Overcrowded SchoolsHere's an idea: adopt!
John AshcroftHate-monger posing as a Christian.
George Bush JrDid he do coke or not? Either way, he's a hypocrite.
College abuseTwo letters: Alcohol abuse and rape on college campuses.
Marijuana MythsTrying to dispell a few of them with actual data.
NRA gun courseThe truth about their so-called "safety" course.
"Partial-brith"More like partial-truth. Hypocricy and misogyny run rampant.
Laws of NatureHumans are not the stewards of this planet.
Gay Marriage BansAn issue of intollerance and waste of time.

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