NRA's Shooting Course Teaches Anger, Not Safety

(Note: There was an issue on the ballot in Missouri which would have allowed anyone on the street to carry a concealed handgun as long as they completed a "safety course".)

To the editor: Lies and scare tactics, that's the National Rifle Association's mode of operation. Missourians should know the truth about Proposition B.

The restrictions that keep being referred to as "tough" are a joke. There is no public record of alcoholics, wife-beaters, or generally violent people. Only people with criminal records will be prevented from getting the gun-carrying licenses.

The so-called safety course is a farce. I took this course several weeks ago. It is nothing more than an NRA propaganda course. The first few hours were spent watching films urging us to vote for Proposition B and fight the evil, liberal conspiracy to take away our guns. The men running the course admitted to illegally carrying weapons already, and they repeatedly bad-mouthed the police and encouraged us to take the law into our own hands. Women and minorities were particularly targeted with distortions or outright lies. The bottom line is that the class offered no training on when not to use your weapon--the most important part of any gun course. "Shoot first and ask questions later," was clearly the message.

All the class did was enrage and scare a bunch of people and then teach them how to shoot. So now we not only have to worry about a criminal pointing a gun at us but also must fear being gunned down by some passer-by who thinks he's Rambo and tries to step in and save the day.

(Follow-up: Proposition B was defeated. Many other states have such "right to carry" laws, but Missouri was the first to actually let the PEOPLE vote on the issue--because our couragous Governor promised to veto the bill if it came through congress. In every other state, the politicians--their wallets fat with NRA blood money--passed the laws themselves, ignoring public opinion.)