Anti-abortion Zealots Could Spend Time Helping Others

To the editor: We will be a silent majority no longer: Missourians for women's rights and family freedom have let the radical anti-choice mysogynists have their way for too long. Despite their waves of terrorism and misinformation, we will not allow these reactionaries to shut down our governement and throw the constitution out the window any longer.

We are not fooled by the partial-truth abortion bill. The now-infamous procedure of debraining a half-delivered baby is only used when something goes terribly wrong in a pregnancy that was being carried to term. It is not used for "birth control" abortions. Abortion to save the woman's life was allowed even before Roe vs. Wade. Adding to these poor women's pain by using their tragedy for your own political propoganda is deplorable. As for the majority of abortions that make up the statistics the bill cites, they are second-term abortions and not "partial-birth" at all.

If these people really cared about children, they would take the time they spend harrassing women and protesting choice and devote it to feeding and clothing all the homeless and impoverished children already born. And if they really wanted to eliminate abortions--which we all wish were not necessary--they'd make sure everyone received sex education and safe, affordable birth control.

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