G. W. Bush. Did he or didn't he?

There’s been a lot of press coverage about G. W. Bush’s past use of illegal drugs. While the media and his political opponents have weighed in on the issue, the professional drug warriors have stayed out of this zealous discussion. That’s because this story shows the hypocrisy and fallacy of our current drug laws.

Whether one thinks that Bush should reveal his past use of drugs or not, the issue illustrates our need for drug law reform. It shows that Bush is a hypocrite for supporting zero tolerance and tougher drug sentences for everyone BUT himself. And it shows that the idea of drug use as a personal failing is overblown; whether you like his politics or not, you can hardly call Bush a failure. Finally, this story proves the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of our policy of locking people in prison for their whole lives simply for using drugs.

Finally, this story demonstrates what many Americans already know—and exemplify in their own lives: that people can use drugs in the privacy of their own home, yet be stable, productive members of society. It’s time we treat everyone the way G. W. Bush demands we treat him and stay out of people’s personal lives. If someone wants to privately use drugs and doesn’t cause harm to others or commit crimes in the process, then that’s their business.

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