Short Stories and Fables

By Hylo Bates

Updated: 1, Sept. 2004

The Badsel Who Thought He Could Fly.My first fable, inspired by Daniel Quinn’s writings. (Satire/Allegory)
The Salesman And His Mules.My second animal fable. (Satire/Allegory)
SunriseNEW: A story of love, loss, and survival. (Drama)
The Intruder.A short story from another perspective. (Adventure?)
Four-Legged Therapy.A savior comes in the form of some stray kittens. (Drama)
You Know You Can Tell Me AnythingNEW: Story-within-a-story piece about love and honesty. (Drama)
WitnessNEW: Witness, victim, or accompliss...paranoid or careful? Drama.
The Little Differences.A short story from my experiences in Prague. (Satire/Comedy)
Early Retirement.A second short story from Prague. (Stream of Consciousness/Drama)

All original works by Hylo Bates. © 2002-2004