Some other Sites to See

Sites that make me feel inferior
The OnionAlways good for a laugh. Inspires me all the time.
Little Red CookbookWeblog of another expatriate. A great resource for
the news you probably AREN'T hearing in the US.
Betty BowersThis woman is a satirical genius.
Keeping an eye on the US's ruling family.
Michael MooreKeeping an eye on the gun goons,
among other dangerous groups killing America

Links for Information and Causes
AdbustersFunny alternative news, especially on
consumer matters and corporate (ir)responsiblity.
Animal Rescue SiteHelp feed needy animals...just click the button.
Planned ParenthoodWith fundamentalists hijacking the govt.,
it's more important than ever.
Peters' MapA size-accurate map. Very surprising. Did you
know, Africa is 14.5 times as big as Greenland?
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