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Update: 24 Aug 2007

So now this is the 'home'page of my artwork, meaning artwork by me, Russell Blake. Previously, much of it was displayed under a web alias, 'Hylo Bates' (used by all the contributors to the site by that name), but now I'm putting all my artwork under my real name. However, there are literally hundreds of different links/pages, and I haven't been able to go through and change the name on each one. So, some of these pictures may still say they're by 'Hylo Bates', and some of the links may take you to now-defunkt pages, but this is MY art homepage, and all the artwork is mine. (I recommend just using this page and the other 'genre' pages and then the 'back' button to get around, that way you won't end up on a broken link.) The top portion highlights my newest pieces, while below there are links to all my work, arranged into five categories.

Newest Pieces, added Aug 2007
Pieces, added Nov 2006

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*All artwork is original and (c) Russell Blake, 1997-2007.