Classes Men Need to Take.

Some of you have probably seen the email joke circulating the net entitled “Classes Women Need to Take”, a mildly amusing, sexist little satire of female stereotypes. Well, never one to be left out of stereotyping, I countered with this piece and immediately began circulating it around the net. Sorry…I don’t have the origional piece…but we’re all familiar with our culture’s standard mysogynist mantras, whether they’re joking or heartfelt. Here’s the opposite side of the coin.

Classes Men Need To Take

Undiscovered converstaion techniques I: Telling the truth.
Undiscovered conversation techniques II: Listening.

Time Management: Actually getting something acomplished on a Sunday (You CAN do something during one of the 50 breaks during twelve straight hours of football)

Space Managment: The Garage (Putting tools and machinery away can actually provide space for a car)

Undiscovered sexual techniques I: Foreplay (beyond "Let's screw, baby")
Undiscovered sexual techniques II: Advanced Foreplay (beyond kissing)

Parties, the unexplored side: Staying sober.

Communication I: Yelling--last resort, not first.
Communication II: Think before you speak.
Communication III: Getting your way without getting her drunk.

Driving safety I: Handling roadrage.
Driving safety II: Speed control.
Driving safety III: Red lights mean STOP, not FLOOR IT.

Dancing I: Get OVER yourself already.

Emotions 101: Compassion, not just for girls and "queers".

Sexual courtesy: Including your partner.

Etiquette: Rearranging oneself DISCREETLY.

Basic Laundry I: How to use a hamper.
Basic Laundry II: Underwear replacement (When there's more hole than underwear, throw it away!)
Basic Laundry III: Change your socks at least twice a week.

Basic Converstaion: Beyond sports and cars.

Controlling the TV Remote I: Dealing with separation (Your life doesn't depend on it)
Controlling the TV Remote II: Sharing.

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