One of the worst crimes against humanity people can commit is to bring children into the world they cannot take care of. Yet people do it all the time...every day.

It's time we recognize, having children is a priveledge, not a right. We will take children away from abusive parents (though we certainly don't do it enough, and we usually end up giving them back), but people balk at the idea of forbidding someone to have kids in the first place. "It's playing God," they'll argue. What do you think putting someone to death is? Or locking them in jail forever. Yet, in many states, men in prison for the rest of their lives can still father children. What kind of crap is that? And an abusive mother whose first three children--whom she couldn't feed or clothe adequately in the first place--have been taken away is still allowed to pump out more babies, more babies who'll grow up unloved and malnourished, continuing the cycle when they bear children they cannot raise. When will we wake up and see it?

Every year the town I live in builds more schools, yet every year there are more trailers outside those schools, because they're too many kids to house. I hear people complain about this all the time, yet no one ever touches on the real problem: too many children. They'll bitch and moan about over-crowding and traffic and all that, but you stop and ask them if they're really ready to do something about it (i.e. not have kids or grandkids) and they shut up really fast.

We pay lip service to the fact that "children are our future", our most precious resource, yet we make no action to actually demonstrate that this is the case. Any nimrod with sperm swimming around in his nads can be a father, and any ovulating woman can bring child after child into the world. As important a job as parenting is, it should be THE MOST DIFFICULT JOB TO GET. We legislate who can drive, who can kill themselves with tobacco, who can wield a gun (though not nearly enough), and who can catch a fish...yet we do absolutely nothing in regards to who can produce children.

Do you care about the future of our culture, about your children's future? Do you REALLYcare? If you think so, ask yourself this: Do you care enough that you would NOT have them?

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