Here's another bad country song.

Have You Forgotten?

Come on people, have you already forgotten,
They told us we had to go and get Bin Laden?
When that didn’t happen, they said “nevermind him,
Saddam is the real cause of all the evil within”.
He had illegal weapons, toxins and gas,
Our troops would prove it when they won good and fast.
But Baghdad fell and no weapons were found.
Experts spent several weeks looking around.
But now they seem to think we’ve all forgotten,
Because they tell us “the weapons aren’t important.”

Have you forgotten? Has everyone forgotten?
“Bin Laden must die!” was our rallying cry.
But it was soon discarded and no one asked why.
Then “Baghdad or Bust” was the slogan at hand,
And more of our people died in a far-off land.
I think you must have forgotten.

They told us we’d liberate an unhappy people,
Free them from tyranny and give them all freedom.
There was no doubt, our troops would be saviors,
And anyone who said otherwise was simply a traitor.
So why after two months of occupation
Don’t Iraqis enjoy any rights upheld by our nation?
They still can’t speak their minds, can’t own a gun,
(Why isn’t the NRA jumping on that one?)
But are you really surprised, is your memory so short?
Did you forget how many times it’d happened before?
Kuwait and Afghanistan heard the same lofty plans,
Yet democracy’s yet to be seen in those lands.


They make sure we don’t forget that day in September,
But meanwhile how many people remember,
What the US of A used to be like
Before their assault on our Bill of Rights?
They told us “it’s necessary for our nation’s cause.”
Has everyone forgotten The Nuremburg Laws?
An enraged mob, the nation’s losing it’s reason.
And if you speak up in protest, they’ll jail you for treason.

(Repeat chorus ad nauseum).

(c) Hylo Bates 2003
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