Population-related Links

If you think:
You have an obligation to have children...
Only having two children doesn't add to the population problem...
NOT having children is selfish...
You should have children because you are intelligent...
Or, any number of other common threads people espouse when
it comes to bringing children into the world,
then check out these organizations.

Society for the Prevention of Childbirth
Zero Population Growth
Negative Population Growth
Voluntary Human Extinction
Click here to check out the Population clock, and another good link on population info.

As the population continues to skyrocket, symptoms of overpopulation
(i.e. crime, pollution, poverty, starvation, mental illness, war, plagues)
will also continue to rise. This is an unescapable fact.
Everyone complains about one thing or another...overcrowded schools,
too much traffic, pollution, "welfare moms". But when it comes to
DOING something about it, very few people are willing. The easiest
and best thing any one person can do, is NOT HAVE KIDS.

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