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All pieces origional
works by Hylo Bates,
unless otherwise noted.
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This page is no longer up to date. It was too tedious updating it AND my homepage, and since all my pages are accessible from the homepage, this one is obsolete.
Hylo Bates'
Homepage II
The second installment of the
Hylo Bates' Homepage.
The center of this site.
The BrachiatorMy Spoof Newspaper
the other side
Humorous rebuttle to a
popular anti-suicide song.
My VasectomyA personal account.
Art PageOriginal Artwork by
Hylo Bates. Several
different mediums and styles.
HomepagesSome good sites
to check out.
History of marijuna prohibition
and a breakdown of common
myths about marijuana.
Links PageLinks to organizations
and web rings.
PoemsThree poems. Not obtuse,
not esoteric, not long.
FableMy animal fable inspired
by the works of Daniel Quinn.
Anti-frat PageThe truth about fraternities,
a funny "Frat Boy Translator".
Fratboy feedbackResponse to emails
I got in response to
the anti-frat page.
The single greatest problem
facing people and our world.
Breeding should be a
privledge, not a right.
See also rant #8
A man
named Bush
A funny song about
the court-appointed prez.
Chain Letter FunA funny satire of your
typical email chain letter.
Motivational SpeakerAnother spoof writing
Pagan PrayerA Pagan version of
the "Lord's Prayer".
Holiday LetterSpoof of the traditional
holiday newsletter.
Email Hoax FunAnother satire, this time
of the typical email hoax.
Primate TotemsSee which one you are.
JokesSo far just one.
Classes for MenMore random humor.
Y2K StatementTrust me, it's funny.
The PollsSound off on a variety
of subjects
Toys banned but guns OK?
Clinton vs. Reagan
Iowa Septuplets
Gay (civil) Rights
What do you do?
Zoo life
U.S. of N.R.A.
Childless by Choice
The Cuban Boy
Washington v. Hollywood
The Electoral College Myth
Drug-law Reform
Tales of Breeder Stupidity
Woes of an Ignorant Leader
Nobody does Propaganda like US
Russel Yates is to blame

Letters to the Editor
Rapper "Nelly" thanked
by Missouri Govenor
The Yates Baby-killings:
Breeding without thought.
Here's an idea: ADOPT!
John Ashcroft:
Hate-monger is now
Attorney General.
G.W. Bush Jr: Did he do
coke or not? Either way,
he's a hypocrite
College life: Not the
safest environment for women
Marijuana: The myth
of the "gateway" drug
NRA "safety course"
First hand experience
Anti-choice activists:
More hypocracy.
Laws of Life: Humans
are not stewards of the Earth.
Gay Marriage
What are you afraid of?

Other Sites Cited
Marijuana Myths
A site by Paul Hager,
Chair of the ICLU
Drug Task Force.
State of the Children
Statistics from the
Children's Defense Fund.
The Reagan Years
A statistical analysis of
Reagan's impact on the
US economy.
This site was
apparently dismantled
Debunking Reagan
Another site dedicated
to debunking the
Reagan Myth.

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