Original Artwork by Hylo Bates

Updated 11 August 2005

I'm sorry, but my html skills aren't what they used to be, so I don't know how to arrange my work in thumbnails. Maybe if I have time I'll get out my old html book and figure it out, but for now, my work is divided up into different pages, two to three pictures each. For those of you with slow connections, I hope they load for you without too much trouble. If you have DSL or something like it, it should only take a couple seconds.

Two of my better pastel pieces. An idealic landscape, and a fisherman in the fog. (added 11 Aug)
Two acrylic paintings of a mountain road. One in the clouds and one under sunset. (added 11 Aug)
Two charcoal sketches: WWII soldiers, inspired by Saving Private Ryan. Also, my hand. (added 11 Aug)

Art Page 1Two Pen-and-ink "rorshak sketches",
and a color pencil landscape.
Art Page 2A charcoal sketch and an
acrylic painting.
Art Page 3A pastel sketch of a tiger.
Art Page 4A charcoal and a pastel sketch
and the photo that inspired them.
Art Page 5Two water color landscapes.
Art Page 6Two acrylics from my "barn series".
Art Page 7Three animal pictures.
Art Page 8The obligatory Sept. 11th piece
of artwork. Another "rorshak sketch".
Art Page 9An acrylic ocean scene, and
a color pencil landscape.
Art Page 10Three acrylic beach scenes
of varying detail.
Art Page 11A rorshak doodle, and
a color pencil landscape.
Art Page 12Two more acrylic paintings
from my "barn series".
Art Page 13An acrylic painting and a pastel sketch
of a kitty bathing in roomglow.
Art Page 14A rorshak sketch of a zoo
with various components broken down
for individual viewing.
Art Page 15A minimalist acrylic painting and another
color pencil sketch of more barns.
Art Page 16An acrylic painting of the same chimp
from page 1. Also an acrylic landscape.
Art Page 17A sketch of a galago (another primate),
and a painting of a cat in a hat.
Art Page 18Charcoal of a nude woman.
Art Page 19Another rorschak doodle, and a
sketch of a little Hylo Bates.
Art Page 20A pencil sketch of some
World War II action.
Art Page 21A charcoal sketch of a man.
Art Page 22A pencil sketch of a famous
scene from the Vietnam war.
Art Page 23Some sketches of people's faces
and a pen-and-ink landscape/doodle.
Art Page 24A warm-fuzzy drawing.
Art Page 25A landscape and a meerkat.
Art Page 26Abe Lincoln in pen and ink
and two doodles.
Art Page 27Another landscape and
another animal picture (pencils).
Art Page 28Two new pencil pieces…not sure
how to describe them…some nudity.
Art Page 29Here’s my first attempt at surealism.
Two different prints of the same piece.
Art Page 30Two more sureals, one that
will make the men wince.
Art Page 31Two here. More nudity and
another sureal one.
Art Page 32Two more in a new style.
Art Page 33Three sketches of my wife
Art Page 34An old man's portrait.
And Death coming for an infant.
Art Page 35Two color pencil skethces.
Art Page 36More doodles. Some famous faces
Art Page 37Another color-pencil landscape
Art Page 38Landscape...color-pencil...again.

All works original pieces and copywrited © by Hylo Bates, 2001-2005