Here's another Rorshak sketch. This one is of a zoo. I've detailed some of the specific parts of the picture below. Along with the various animals, there's some small buildings and stalls, and a train and tracks running througout. Look at it for a while and see what you find, then scroll down to see what I see.

You could probably
see the elephants.

The hippo in his
pool is just behind
the elephants.

This is the enterance
to the zoo.

Here are the mountain
goats, or ibex, on
their mountain of rocks.

This is the camel pen and
the big cats side by side.

This is the "Aussie"
section of the zoo.
There's a koala, a
kangaroo, and some Kiwi.

Some other specific things I imbedded in this picture are some monkeys, some bears on a hill of rocks (lower right corner), the train (just below the ibex), some girrafes (to the left of the camels), and a pool of sea lions (below the main gate).
(C) Russell Blake, 2001
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