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Poetry Three of them.
Not long...not boring.
A Fable based on the
works of Daniel Quinn.
Chain Letter Fun
A spoof of those chain
emails we all hate so much.
Here is the Pagan version
of the "lord's prayer"
Links Page Groups and
rings and other things



Version 2.5:
"Still Rearranging"
Updated 9-22-99
Hylo Bates' Platform
Practice Nulliparity
Stay away from Cults, especially
the big ones like
Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
End Marijuana Prohibition
Ban Fraternities
Read Daniel Quinn's Ishmael and
the books that follow and THINK

Favorite Homepages
DuhGeek...Interesting site.
Lots of links to anything you could want.
Chris Dixon's Homepage
An intelligent young man with convictions.
Shandoo's Homepage...A teen's site.
This girl's a good web-designer.
Global Village Atheist Loads of valuable
information for everyone. Lots of links, too.
The Tarpit A clever site with a similar
format and tone to mine but more info.
Honeybud's Site The most active
young activist I know (pot legalization)
Kevin Bacon Oracle. Impress your
friends. Every movie anyone's ever been in.
Ishmael Site Join the community
of life.
Society for the Prevention of Childbirth
The name says it all.
Legalize Join the fight. Make
your own legalize webpage.
Piercing Mildred A fun, slightly-sick game
you can play on the web.
Check out my Random Rants
TwoImpeach Clinton...fine.
But what about Reagan?
Three The Iowa Septuplets.
The work of God?!?
Four Gay rights. Also
Known as Civil Rights.
Five "What do YOU do?"
SixZoo life. Come see
the animals...on BOTH
sides of the glass.
SevenThe U.S. of N.R.A.
Everybody feel safe yet?
EightDid he do Coke?
Do we care?
Coming soonLetters to the editor.
Some of my rants that
have been published.

Click for more information about:
Fraternities and Fratboy Feedback
Overpopulation and responsible parenting
Marijuana prohibition
A history of lies and myths.
Several good links here, too.

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