They're called CIVIL RIGHTS, people.

(Note: This was written some time in 1998 or 1999. Still an issue today in 2003)

I'm so sick of hearing people bitch and moan about homosexuals asking for "special rights". Just the other day a guy wrote into the local paper and said "Gays shouldn't get any special treatment...why do they want special protection from the laws?" Unbeknownst to this guy, he was actually explaining the need FOR "gay rights" laws. The fact is that homosexuals are NOT protected under the law just like everyone else. They don't want special treatment...they just want to be treated the same as everyone else.

In almost every state--if not every state--homosexuals can be fired from their jobs just because they're gay. They can be evicted from their rental property just because they're gay. They can be refused service at stores and restaraunts, as well as refused enterance into organizations and groups. This is what so-called "gay rights" bills are designed to stop. Homosexuals do not try to promote their "lifestyle" or recruit others to it...certainly no more so than heterosexuals do. How many times a day do you see heterosexuals engaged in some sort of open display of affection (counting TV). But if a gay couple does that, they're "millitant" and "deviant".

With all the horrors and crimes out there being commited against people, I find it appauling that so much time and energy is spent trying to prevent people from--or punish people for--simply loving another human being. So they don't love the same kind of person you do...big deal? So they may do something in the bedroom you consider gross...chances are most of the heterosexual friends you have do too. I was discussing the issue with a coworker the other day, and he said, "Yeah...but think about what they do when they get home." And I said, "Why? Why would I do that. I don't think about you and your wife banging each other when YOU go home?" It's just rediculous.

Gay people should be able to live and work without the fear of being fired or evicted or beaten for no reason. Likewise, if two gay people can maintain a monogamous relationship (which at least 50% of heterosexual couples cannot do), then they should be given all the benefits of a heterosexual marriage; if Bonnie stays by Betty's side her whole life and then Betty dies, Bonnie should be able to collect Betty's pension just like she would if Betty had been Bobby. People who say that allowing homosexuals to marry would cheapen the sanctity of marriage are cheapening the sanctity of their own marriage by making such a claim. If their bond is so weak that another couple's existence can break or cheapen it, then that's their problem, not the gay couple.

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