Random Rant #3

The Iowa Septuplets

(Note: This one was written in early 1998, and I'm sure anyone who read the papers or watched TV in the US back then remembers this disgusting story.)

Okay. This is rediculous. I'm so sick of the media hype about that stupid couple in Iowa that was selfish and inconsiderate enough to bring seven more children into the world. Not only did they just commit a horrible crime against the planet and the rest of humanity, but then they go and try to pass the blame (or the "glory", as they put it) onto "God". This was no miracle; it was science. Science gone horribly wrong.

If this insipid couple really "trusted in God" the way they claim, why did they give up on natural methods of conceiving a child after only a couple months. The woman had only given birth two or three months before the couple sought the help of a fertility clinic. That means they'd only been trying to get pregnant for a matter of weeks, when they went running to the clinic for artificial insemination. That's doesn't sound like much faith in "God" to me.

This whole situation reeks of insensitivity and moral decrepitude all around. First of all, why was this coupld trying to have another child so quickly after having their first? Didn't they want to raise their daughter, Mikayla? Didn't they want to give her some attention for at least a year or so before having another child? If they were truly caring parents, they would have been too busy showering Mikayla with love and affection to notice that a couple months of unprotected (and irresponsible) sex had gone without conception. And what about the doctors at this clinic; what were they thinking performing in-vitro fertilization on a woman who'd only given birth a few months before?

This is not a miracle; it's a crime. Most of all, it's a crime against those children. Mikayla--who's now known only as "who?" or "they have a sister?"--and her seven siblings will NEVER have the attention and affection that a child needs to live a happy, fruitful life. And the couple will never be able to support all of them. Their whole town banded together and bought them a new house, and all these companies have donated products...meanwhile politicians and voters alike scream and bitch and moan about "welfare mothers" leaching the system. It's hypocracy, pure and simple. And so is calling in-vitro fertilization "the work of God", particularly when they only gave natural fertilization one or two tries.

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