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(These are my two first "rants" from about 1996-97, the first being little more than just a sentence. They were on my original website. The first refers to some toys from the movie "Small Soldiers" being pulled from shelves because they reminded people of a teenage murderer who'd killed some of his classmates recently (pre-Columbine).)

Isn't it sad that our culture will ban toys that LOOK like guns, or ban toys that remind people of school shootings, but does NOTHING to protect us from actual guns. Just like we'll make it illegal for a child to buy cigarettes, but we do nothing about parents smoking around their children, pumping them full of carcinogens.

Where was all this scrutiny when Reagan was president? If that lying old coot had been investigated half as much as Clinton has been, he would have been impeached numerous times. We're talking about the guy who sold weapons to terrorists in Iran and funneled the money to drug-trafficing thugs in Central America. That's a historical FACT. (Sure, there are still some people who'll tell you it's just a "liberal media" fabrication, but those people said the same thing about radiation testing on our own citizens, the fabrication of the Gulf of Tonkin "incident", Watergate, and the Holocaust.)
Orin Hatch was all over the TV after Clinton's confession, whinning about how eight months of lies had cost the country thousands of dollars. Exuse me! Doesn't he remember SDI ("star wars")? That was eight YEARS of lies that cost the country TRILLIONS! The republicans have no room to point fingers.
Reagan made lying and "forgetting" national policy, and he's tauted as a hero. To me, the huge chasm he created between the rich and poor, the resurgence of racism, homophobia, and McArthyism his regime fostered, and his legacy of colonialism are far greater crimes than adultry. Making a society where one in four children are born into poverty is not heroic.
And the idea that Reagan "brought down the wall" or "defeated" the Soviet Union is ridiculous. The Soviet Union crumbled from within because it was a defunct system (just as this country will if it continues on its current course). The fact that Reagan openely threatened them and publicly referred to them as "The Evil Empire" only helped set Soviet resolve against us and prolonged the Cold War. Only after Gorbachev embraced us and offered cooperation did Reagan back down and act peacably...and THEN the "wall fell".
(For an in-depth, statistical analysis of the Reagan Regime's disasterous effect on our economy, click here. Another good debunking of the Reagan Myth is here.)
I don't like Clinton, and I think Hillary should leave his cheating ass, but I'd vote for him again if the choice was him vs. Dole (or Bush, or Bush jr, or Newt, etc.). Until we have a political system that allows honest people who are NOT millionares to run for office, we have to choose the lesser of evils. Dole lived in almost as big a fantasy world as Reagan...he actually said on national TV in one of the debates that "...this is America. No one's going to go without food, and no one's going to go without healthcare." How out of touch with the "common person" can you be? If you want to see some depressing stats showing how wrong Dole was, click here.

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