Reformed Homosexual Happily Married and Resisting Sin

With Help of Christ, Able to Ignore Succulent Asses of Young Men

August 5, 2003. Padukah Kentucky: Raymod Keller, an admitted “former homosexual” who found Jesus Christ a year and a half ago, reports that he is satisfied with his marriage and doesn’t miss satisfying, reciprocal sex with other men. Likening his life and the road ahead of him to that of a reformed alcoholic, Keller admitted it isn’t always easy.

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s not a struggle sometimes,” the 31-year-old hairstylist said from the living room of his small home, which he shares with his wife, Sandra. “I have to ask for help from Jesus Christ sometimes, but that’s part of living with this kind of problem.”

Sandra, who held the couple’s perfectly-trussed Shih-tzu, “Munchkin”, in her lap during the interview, agreed. “I support Ray in his struggle,” she said. “Sometimes, it means not putting himself in situations that might tempt his former deviance, but that’s no different than someone in AA avoiding bars.” Looking fondly at her husband of six months, she added, “I make sure he doesn’t watch anything like ballet, men’s gymnastics, or men’s figure-skating anymore.”

“Right,” Raymond agreed. “And if I’m walking down the street and see a man coming the other way—a man I would have been attracted to before—and he’s wearing tight pants or little shorts or something, then I concentrate on something else and don’t look at his ass. It’s about not letting a process start.”

Asked for an explanation of the “process”, Keller explained, “well, if I start admiring a man’s ass, it’s only a short step to fantasizing about him…mentally undressing him, imagining rubbing his plump ass, caressing it, maybe gently sliding my well-lubed pe--“

“Yes, it’s about not leading yourself into temptation,” his wife interrupted hurriedly, stroking Munchkin with a vigorousness that seemed to terrify the small animal.

“Right,” Keller agreed, “…with the help of Christ and his love, I can avoid such desire…avoid fantasizing about the soft skin of a man’s scrotum, a texture and scent you just don’t find on the fem—“ At this point, Mrs. Keller excused herself from the room and suggested that her husband show our reporter their wedding photos.

“Sandra was my sponsor when I entered the SINN (Sexual Identity Nurturance Network) program, and we bonded right away,” Keller reminisced a minute later, thumbing a photo album but not opening it. “She was like the little sister I never had. Of course, I wasn’t attracted to her at all at first, but that’s because of my depravity. With her guidance and encouragement, and of course Christ’s love, I was able to work toward normalcy.” The young man smiled, a distant look in his eyes, as he flipped through a few pages of the album and continued, “by our wedding night, I was able to touch her in a sexual way without forcing back bile from my mouth.”

“Here were are,” Keller said, finding a picture of himself kissing Sandra on the cheek at the culmination of their wedding ceremony. “It’s really beautiful, isn’t it. Especially when you consider that just two years ago, I was having sweaty, passionate, sinful sex with a stunning and manly scuba instructor named Rick.” Pausing for a moment of quiet reflection, Keller then concluded, “Sandra and I plan on having two children, and I know with the help of Jesus Christ, I’ll be able to engage in the sex act with her necessary to do that. Perhaps, with His guidance, I’ll even enjoy it some day.”

(c) Hylo Bates, 2003
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