Here's another cubist-like piece that I did on 13, August 2005.
It's an allegory piece of the standard rap music video.
Below the picture I've listed some of the specific
images I tried to capture, so you can look at the
picture first and see what you see; then, check below to see if you see what I see.

So, most obvious in the piece is probably the blond woman.
She's "dancing", which means shaking her breast and butt right in the camera.
There are several other butts throughout the picture, as well.
There are also three pistols, a pitt bull, and a cigarette puffing
smoke right into our faces. In the back, there's a "posse"
or "crew", lurking in their hooded track-suits. There's a similarly-
hooded face peering out beside on of the butts, also (in red).
There's a muscle-bound guy riding in his "tricked-out" car, sporting some "bling".
(For those of you not up on the lingo, that means the car
has hydrolics that make it bounce up and down, and he's wearing
flashy jewelry: in this case, a couple big rings and a big necklace,
all gold*, and the car has gold-plated hubcaps or "rims", too.)
There are a couple jiggling boobs thrown in randomly,
and a big SUV bearing down on the camera.

* The guy also has a gold tooth, but that doesn't show up in this scan.

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