I just saw your comments on the website of The Society for the Prevention of Childbirth
and had a few questions and comments. I’ve viewed numerous births in my life and one
thing that is a constant in all of them is that the woman giving birth--whether she has
a quick, “easy” labor or a long, complicated one—is COMPLETELY vulnerable at the time of
delivery. She is completely powerless and unable to defend herself or her fetus for some
time during the labor. Due to this fact, I found it quite rediculous that you refer to
birth as “empowering”. Pregnant women, in general, are far more fragile and succeptible
to sickness and injury than their nulliparous peers.
The tone of your letter is very haughty and snotty, and it saddens me to think that
you’re passing along this “holier than thou” attitude to another generation of yous.
Assuming that someone who is considerate enough NOT to bring children into this
dangerously-overcrowded and child-unfriendly world holds their views because they
were “hurt so badly” as you put it, is simple-minded and silly. I’ve been fortunate
enough to live my life with relatively little tragedy and had a wonderful childhood and
family; that doesn’t make me blind to the misery and suffering around me, though. I’m
sorry that YOU have chosen to go through life with blinders on, mindlessly pumping out
more children to suffer for another generation.
Also, presuming to psychoanalyse someone without knowing ANYTHING about their life
other than their views on one subject is not only haughty, but also shows that you are
definitely NOT qualified for psychoanalysis.
I don’t have a lot of friends, but I do have several close ones. Because I’m able to
think of other people, rather than only myself, I’m able to have quite intimate
relationships and friendships. I wonder if you have any true friends, or rather just a
gang of other breeders with whom you sit around and cogradulate yourselves, whipping
yourself up into a false sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the fact that
you’re littering the world with more mouths to feed and bodies to add to the carnage.
As a parent, you should be aware that the MORE children that are born, the LESS
resources and chance for a happy, fruitful life the children already born (that includes
your own kids) have. Despite what the various cults of the world preach, there is a
LIMITED amound of space and resources on this planet; the more children breeders like
yourself pump out, the lower quality of life those children will have. People like me
and the other members of SPC are trying to make a BETTER world for the children.
I hope you never complain about overcrowded schools, traffic, welfare mothers, health
coverage for children or any of the other myriad of problems overpopulation creates; if
you do, then you’re a hypocrite, because you’re adding to all those problems every time
you spew out another of your crotchspawn. 
For the record: I love kids. I’m GREAT with kids (every breeder I know says so). It is
because I love kids that I choose to spare mine the horror of this world and spare yours
the horrors of further overpopulation. If only you’d given your children the same
thought and respect… 

NOTEThis was a response to an angry breeder's letter on website of The Society for the Prevention of Childbirth, a great site that was shut down in the wake of the Bush regime's assault on the 1st Amendment. My response is very argumentative and, well...nasty, because I was matching the tone of Judie's letter. It's sort of pointless now that you can't see the original, but I've left it up here to further explain my feelings on the matter.

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